Qingyi Wang

2018 Robert D. and Margaret A. Wark Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Qingyi Wang is a second year business economics student at UCLA, intending to double major in cognitive science. Originally from Beijing, China, he thoroughly enjoyed studying in Los Angeles and bathing in the warm sunlight. He previously interned in a Chinese fund management company, where he saw the process of investment first-hand. During his time in UCLA, he took economics and accounting courses to expand his knowledge about careers in the business world. But much of the learning happens outside of the classrooms as well. Using his economic knowledge, he studied the pricing of eBay auctions, and tried to explain the price fluctuations with economic principles. A member of two choral ensembles, he is often heard singing in Schoenberg Music Building or Haines Hall in the afternoon hours. He also enjoys exploring the city with his camera, letting his creative thoughts run wild.

Future plans: Still open to endless possibilities regarding future careers, Qingyi Wang plans to use Spring quarter and the entire Summer to continue exploring. He will apply for a research assistant position at Anderson Behavioral Lab during the school year to gain some research experience on consumer behaviors. In the future, he will actively seek out internships in business service firms and in positions that puts both his economic and psychological knowledge into use.

What this scholarship means to me?: I am extremely honored and grateful to be selected as the Robert D. and Margaret A. Wark Memorial Scholarship recipient for this academic year. The Wark family’s generous support for my education not only serves as a validation for my work, but also a relief to the financial burden placed upon me and my family while I am enrolled as an out-of-state student. This scholarship award serves as an ever-present motivator for me to give my absolute best in any academic and professional pursuit. One day, I aspire to give the same kind of encouragement to other students.