Stephanie Dong

2017 John. J. Peterson Scholarship Recipient

Biography: Stephanie Dong is a junior pursuing a major in business economics and minors in accounting and statistics. She is also an Achievement Scholar and college honors student. She is currently involved in undergraduate research under Professor Mark Grinblatt (UCLA Anderson School of Management), investigating factors that affect stock market cycles. As her diverse interests range from psychology, to computer science, to finance, she enjoys interdisciplinary research and is especially interested in the fields of behavioral economics/finance. Outside her academics, she is Managing Editor of Aleph Undergraduate Journal for Humanities and Social Sciences, a member of various undergraduate business clubs, and an avid table tennis player.

Future plans: While at UCLA, Stephanie hopes to continue partaking in quantitative research projects that combine her diverse interests, as well as further develop her own start-up projects. She also aims to apply her business/economics knowledge and data analysis skills in her upcoming summer internship. In the long run, she aspires to pursue a career that will allow her to integrate knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines to solve crucial problems in business/economics.

What does this scholarship mean to me?: I am incredibly honored and delighted to be a recipient of this award. This scholarship is an enormous encouragement and confirmation of my efforts to continuously work toward my goals. I am grateful for the abundant resources UCLA has provided me to make the most of my college education and experience. I look forward to truly applying my knowledge and skills to the real world in the coming years, and hope that one day I can give back to the school I esteem.