Rosa Matzkin

Rosa Matzkin

Charles E. Davidson Professor of Economics


Ph.D. University of Minnesota

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Rosa Liliana Matzkin is the Charles E. Davidson Professor of Economics.  Her research has been aimed at creating a tight connection between econometrics and economic theory, relaxing, at the same time, ad-hoc parametric restrictions on functions and distributions.  She has worked on Revealed Preference, Discrete Choice, Shape Restrictions, Hedonic Models, Consumer Demand, and Models of Simultaneous Equations.  She has developed nonparametric methods for estimation, testing, and prediction where shape restrictions and/or nonadditive unobservable variables play key roles.   Her work has been published in Econometrica, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of Economic Theory, and Journal of Econometrics, among others.
Professor Matzkin is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, of the Econometric Society, and of others societies.  She served as the main Editor of Quantitative Economics, as Co-editor of the Research Monograph Series of the Econometric Society, as Associate Editor of Econometrica and of Journal of Econometrics, and as a member of the Executive Committees of the American Economic Association and of the Econometric Society. 
Before joining UCLA, Professor Matzkin held faculty positions at Northwestern University and Yale University and visiting positions at Caltech, University of Chicago, M.I.T., and University of Wisconsin.

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