Olivia Osei-Twumasi

Olivia Osei-Twumasi

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Olivia Osei-Twumasi


Ph. D. University of Westminster, UK

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Olivia Osei-Twumasi is an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Economics and Director of Undergraduate Initiatives in the Department of Economics at UCLA. She primarily teaches labor and development economics as well as  principles of economics  and strives to use updated curricula and pedagogical innovations to make courses more relevant for students and encourage critical thinking. Her research is centered on educational access and outcomes for underprivileged students, including students from low-income families, undocumented students, and racial/ethnic minorities. Her work has appeared in journals such as Harvard Educational Review and Teachers College Record. She recently co-edited a volume entitled “Immigrant-Origin Students in Community College: Navigating Risk and Reward in Higher Education” which explores the  experiences, challenges, and triumphs of immigrant-origin community college students.

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