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Michela Giorcelli awarded Grant in Innovation Policy

Professor Michela Giorcelli was awarded the NBER Small Grant in Innovation Policy with Professor Nicola Lacetera for their project on “Public Disclosure and the Evolution of Science and Technology: A text Analysis Approach”. This project seeks to understand the relationship between the quality and success of scientific discoveries, and the public perception, understanding and ultimate acceptance. To evaluate the […]

Kidney Vouchers

Until recently, if someone wanted to donate a kidney to a family member or a friend, the recipient would receive the kidney at the time of the donation, or very close to this time. This timing restriction created a problem for Howard Broadman, a retired California judge. Judge Broadman wanted to donate a kidney to […]

UCLA Welcomes Three New Faculty Members

The UCLA Economics Department is very happy to be joined by three new faculty this year.   Volker Nocke joins us from Mannheim as a Full Professor. Professor Nocke is an expert in Industrial Economics and International Trade. Much of his recent work has been concerned with mergers and competition policy. He has published in […]

Kathleen McGarry on U.S. Labor Force Participation

For the long term health of Social Security, it it important to make projections about future participation in the U.S. labor force. To understand this further, the Social Security Advisory Board appointed a Technical Panel of prominent labor economists that includes UCLA Professor, Kathleen McGarry. The final report shows that the secular decrease in participation rates for […]

Roger Farmer departs UCLA for UK position

After nearly thirty years in the Economics Department, we are sad to lose former Chair,  Roger Farmer, who will be taking up a new position in the U.K.. Professor Farmer grew up in England, obtained his Ph.D. at Western Ontario and joined UCLA in 1988. Since then he has risen to become a Distinguished Professor, serving […]

Devaluation Risk and the Real Economy

A pertinent form of economic uncertainty for developing countries today is that of devaluation risk: the possibility of a large decrease in the value of a country’s currency relative to other currencies. It is difficult to measure the impact of economic and political uncertainty on the economy because changes in uncertainty are often the result of […]

Marek Pycia featured in Reuters

Today, Marek Pycia‘s paper on UCLA’s voucher system was featured in Reuters. Traditionally, kidney donors directly donate kidneys to their relatives. However, what if the kidney donor is elderly, and the relative does not need the kidney immediately (e.g. they have early stage kidney disease)? Professor Pycia’s paper discusses UCLA’s new voucher system which enables donors […]

John Asker wins Antitrust Award

Professor John Asker was awarded the “Best Antitrust Academic Article in Economics” by the Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards for his article entitled “Diagnosing Foreclosure due to Exclusive Dealing” published in the Journal of Industrial Economics in September 2016. The abstract is as follows: Exclusive dealing arrangements, in which a distributor contracts to work exclusively with a single […]