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Greg Passani

UCLA alumnus Greg Passani’s foray into the investment banking industry was anything but typical. Currently an Associate at Intrepid Investment Bankers, Passani received his B.A. in Economics at UCLA in 2011, after which he went on to work as a private equity intern at OpenGate Capital, which focuses on acquiring corporate carve-outs, divestitures and special […]

Deborah Feinerman

UCLA alumnus Deborah Feinerman, current Executive Vice President of Business Affairs and Legal at Paramount Worldwide Distribution, exemplifies the powerful woman—but she didn’t follow a sure-footed path to her success. After Deborah received a B.A. in Economics from UCLA decades ago, she veered away from a business-centric path and instead proceeded to Loyola Law School […]

Andrew Demetriou

Long before Andrew Demetriou became a partner at Lamb & Kawakami, a prestigious law firm in Los Angeles, he spent hours Bunche Hall like the thousands of students currently at UCLA. His subsequent career as a successful attorney in the healthcare industry is a testament to his intellectual curiosity, dedication, and passion for economics and […]

The Impact of Innovation on Growth

In ongoing research, Professors Andrew Atkeson and Ariel Burstein study the role of firms’ investments in innovation (or, more generally, intangible capital) in accounting for economic growth. They ask questions such as: What changes should we expect to see in the growth rate of output in both the short term and long term if we […]

Till von Wachter on Working Conditions in the U.S.

The RAND Corporation published a study on working conditions in the U.S. that is coauthored by UCLA Professor, Till von Wachter. The study examines data from the American Working Conditions Survey and contains a number of interesting findings. For example, more than 25% of Americans surveyed say they don’t have enough time to do their jobs, […]

Julie Lee

You may have not heard of Julie Lee, but you have definitely heard music on Vevo. A founding member of Vevo, Julie helped revolutionize the music video industry. Immigrating to the United States as a child, Julie embarked on a journey that has since taken her across the world. Today, Julie is a business executive, […]

The Asymmetric Impact of Taxes on Prices

Value Added Taxes (VAT) don’t exist in the US but they are actually one of the most important and powerful forms of taxation. They are in fact so powerful that they have been labeled the “money making machine”. In European countries, they raise 30% of total tax revenue, which amounts to 12% of GDP. VATs […]

Simon Board and Andres Santos announced as Editors

This summer, Professor Simon Board became Coeditor of Theoretical Economics and Professor Andres Santos became Coeditor of Quantitative Economics. These are leading journals in theoretical and empirical economics, and operate under the umbrella of the Econometric Society. They are also open access. Professor Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn has also become the Associate Editor at the Journal of Economic Theory, a […]

Michela Giorcelli awarded Grant in Innovation Policy

Professor Michela Giorcelli was awarded the NBER Small Grant in Innovation Policy with Professor Nicola Lacetera for their project on “Public Disclosure and the Evolution of Science and Technology: A text Analysis Approach”. This project seeks to understand the relationship between the quality and success of scientific discoveries, and the public perception, understanding and ultimate acceptance. To evaluate the […]

Kidney Vouchers

Until recently, if someone wanted to donate a kidney to a family member or a friend, the recipient would receive the kidney at the time of the donation, or very close to this time. This timing restriction created a problem for Howard Broadman, a retired California judge. Judge Broadman wanted to donate a kidney to […]