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William Zame elected fellow of Game Theory Society

The Economics Department is pleased to announce that William Zame has been elected as a fellow of the Game Theory Society.  According the to Society’s bylaws, “The Fellows of the Society are a group of people honored for their contributions to game theory and service to the Society, and are a source of advice for […]

Michela Giorcelli wins Alexander Gerschenkron Prize

Professor Michela Giorcelli was awarded the Alexander Gerschenkron Prize for her dissertation “Economic Recovery and the Determinants of Productivity and Innovation: Evidence from Post-WWII Italy”. The Alexander Gerschenkron Prize is annually awarded by the Economic History Association for the best dissertation in economic history of an area outside of the United States or Canada.  Congratulations!

Ariel Burstein and Jonathan Vogel awarded Russell Sage Foundation grant

Ariel Burstein and Jonathan Vogel, together with Gordon Hanson of UCSD, received a two-year grant from “Russell Sage Foundation” (RSF) to support the project “Tradability and the Labor Market Impact of Immigration.” The total award is $127,000. They study how differences in the tradability of goods and services determine how U.S. local labor markets adjust […]

Marek Pycia wins Scoville Teaching Award

The department would like to congratulate Marek Pycia for winning the Warren C. Scoville Distinguished Teaching Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching. Professor Pycia’s Econ 106D course discusses the design and use of markets and other institutions to solve problems of matching markets and resource allocation.  The course uses both theory and case studies to help […]

Gary Ghazarian

The allure of the investment industry has long attracted numerous successful UCLA alumni. For Gary Ghazarian, it was no exception. With over 25 years’ experience in the field, he currently serves as the Director of Operations for Marketable Securities at leading alternative investment firm Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors. Having pursued a degree in Economics at […]

Martin Hackmann Featured in the NBER Bulletin

Martin Hackmann’s article titled “The Return to Nursing: Evidence from a Parental Leave Program” was featured in the latest edition of the NBER Bulletin on Aging and Health. The NBER article discusses the difficulties of quantifying nurses’ contributions to patient health.  The article then cites Professor Hackmann’s article as a much needed study to fill […]

Terry Kramer

Terry Kramer can be best described as a master of all trades. He has succeeded in a variety fields including business, public affairs and academia. The epitome of a leader, Terry Kramer has shown the world what it means to be a Bruin. Starting from his days at UCLA, Terry Kramer kept developing his skills […]

Optimal Transport Networks

Trade costs are a ubiquitous force in international trade and economic geography, generating spatial differences in prices and real incomes. While trade costs result from a diverse set of policies and frictions, transport infrastructure stands out as an important force. How should infrastructure investments be allocated across regions, and how do the aggregate gains depend […]

Adriana Lleras-Muney in Vox and The New York Times

Adriana Lleras-Muney’s co-authored article on mothers’ pensions has been cited in two national news outlets this month, The New York Times and Vox.  The New York Times article cites Lleras-Muney’s study in an article about supply side economics, while Vox draws upon her research in connection to child poverty in the U.S..  Professor Lleras-Muney’s paper […]