Pasha AndreyanovMy speciality is micro and math, but I can tutor most of the courses. I was a TA for Econ 1, 2, 11 and graduate micro. I try to explain and make sure that a student understands rather than just tell the right answer.1,2,41,201,202
Francisco Arroyo MarioliHi, I’m Francisco, an experienced tutor with more than 7 years of TA experience in both undergraduate and graduate economics. Spanish and English. I have tutored for econ 1,2, 11, 41 101, 102 and 103. For any other class please don’t hesitate to ask.2,11, 41, 101, 102, 103
Jacob Alexander BermanI have experience tutoring undergraduates at the University of Chicago and am familiar with all of the material covered in UCLA’s undergraduate curriculum. Beyond course material, I can also offer concrete tips for improving study habits and succeeding on examsEcon 1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 103
El Hadi CaouiExperienced tutor for economics classes: Econ 1, 11, 41, 101, 102, 103. I was previously TA for 41 and 11, so I have first-hand knowledge of how classes are taught in these classes. Contact me by email at for rates and availability.1, 11, 41, 101, 102, 103
Nicholas CarolloI am a second year PhD student, and am available to tutor all undergraduate economics courses except Econ 1 for Fall 2016. Please contact me two days before you want to meet so I can prepare for the session. I am happy to do either one-on-one or group sessions.2,11,41,101,102,103,106G
Neng Chieh ChangI can tutor all the Microeconomics and Econometrics courses. Basically, they are Econ1, 2, 41, 101, 103. I can’t tutot for Econ 11 in the fall quarter because I am a TA.1, 2, 41, 101, 103
Georgios CheimonitisAll levels of high school math (pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus) and economics, as well as college lower and upper division economics. Special preference for 1, 11, 41, 101 and 103. I can tutor around the UCLA/Westwood, West LA, Culver City and Palms areas. Contact me by email at: gcheimonitis@g.ucla.edu1, 11, 41, 101, 103
Mengshan CuiI am an experienced tutor. I have been rated the best TA in Economics. I tutor Econ 1, Econ 41, Econ 11, and Econ 103. I had experience being a TA and a tutor for all of these courses in the past. I’m patient, clear and knowledgeable.1, 11, 41, 103
Alec DavidsonExtensive experience in tutoring math and economics (over 5 years). Fourth year PhD student with Undergraduate degrees in Economics and Mathematics. Detailed knowledge of UCLA econ course structures and materials.1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 102, 103, 106
Oliver DaviesI am a 2nd-year grad student in the Dept of Economics, and am available to tutor many classes in Economics. I am available to meet on-campus, and am best able to be reached by email at odavies@ucla.edu1,2,11,41,101,102,103
Nicholas DoranI tutor Econ 1, 11, 101, and 106G. I’ve had experience TAing all of these courses at UCLA. I have a BA in Math and Economics from Rutgers and am a current PhD Candidate in Economic Theory, and I am a native English speaker. I differentiate myself from other tutors in that my priority at UCLA is to become a great teacher rather than a researcher.1, 11, 0101
Sepehr Ekbatani“With the engineering and economics background, I can help you with both mathematics and intuitions of undergraduate courses in economics (specifically 1, 2, 11 and 41). I also tutor econometrics to graduate students.”1, 2, 11, 41
Xinyu FANPrefer to use reputation as tutor statement.1, 11, 101, 102
Alexandre FonI can tutor all undergraduate UCLA economics classes (econ 1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 102, 103). I have experience teaching and tutoring economics. I can help with the methods and tools needed to succeed in those classes.1, 2, 11, 101, 102, 103
Xuanyu FuAble to explain problems and concepts in a clear, concise manner, bilingual (fluent in English and Chinese) and very willing to help others.1, 2, 41
Alessio GalluzziI have been teaching and tutoring undergraduates for the past few years, helping them with both class material and final projects. You can expect detailed but straight to the point explanations of the material. I am available for both individual or group (2 to 4 people) sessions1, 2, 41, 101, 102, 106F, 160
Renato GiroldoI am professional, experienced and efficient. I have ta’ed/tutored both undergrad and graduate level economics courses and my students have had success in their courses.1,2,11,41,101,106G,103
WENSHU GUOI have been a teaching assistant of the economics department for three years. Specializing in teaching microeconomics and econometrics courses, I offer tutoring for Econ 1, Econ 11, Econ 101 and Econ 103. I taught Econ 11 last summer and was a TA for the PhD microeconomics for one quarter. Both English and Chinese speakers are welcome.1, 11, 101, 103
Jingyi HuangI tutor for all undergraduate Econ classes (1, 2, 11, 41,101,103L) . My past students saw significant improvement in their grades with my help. I also help students with Stata problem and editing/polishing research paper.1, 2, 11,41, 101, 103L
Akina IkudoMy goal in tutoring is to make students’ lives easier. I will help you understand fundamental ideas so that you can have some fun on weekends instead of spending the whole day staring at your homework.11, 41, 103
Wookun KimI like helping students. I wish to work you guys.11, 42, 101, 102
Fanghua LII tutor all econometrics related courses, for example Econ 103 and Econ 4141, 103
Shuo LiuI tutor undergraduate level Micro, Macro and Metrics theory, and also money and banking, growth theory and international finance. I worked as TA for Econ 102 and Econ 103 before, and being a tutor for all the courses above. My graduate fields are Macroeconomics and Econometrics.11, 101, 102, 103, 121, 160, 164
Nan LiuI have experience of tutoring Econ11, 41, 101 and 103.Econ 11, 41, 103
Lu LiuI am an experienced TA for Econ103. I am patient and willing to offer help. I would prefer to meet on campus at UCLA, but I am also available to meet elsewhere.41, 103
YINGJU MAI have been TA for Econ 1, 11, 101 and graduate courses in last three years, and also instructed Econ 106P in Summer 2015 and 2016.1, 11, 41, 101
Brett MccullyI take a holistic approach to tutoring, working to improve not only student’s understanding of particular course material but to assess and revise their study skills in general. I have several years of tutoring experience and am a native English speaker.1, 41, 103, 130, 150,
Rustin PartowI am a third year PhD student focusing on research in labor economics. I lived in New Mexico, DC, and Austin before arriving to LA. I enjoy tutoring because explaining concepts to someone else is the best way to learn, and because I like getting to know students one on one. I have tutored undergraduate students in economics for over six years.1, 2, 11, 19, 41, 101, 103, 103l, 106f, 130, 145, 150, 165, 170
Konstantin PlatonovI have big experience in teaching economic courses and I’m available for all classes: 1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 102, 103 and other courses. Don’t hesitate to contact me!1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 103
Ksenia ShakhgildyanI love teaching, this is a chance to share my knowledge and I am very dedicated to this. I was a TA for Econ 11, 41, 101 and 103.1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 103
Hualei ShangI have served as a teaching assistant for Econ 1, 2, 11 at UCLA and Intermediate Macroeconomics & Intermediate Econometrics at Peking University in China.1, 2, 11, 103, 41
JESPER RIIS-VESTERGAAR SORENSENI am an experienced tutor of three years and award-winning teaching assistant. In the past I have tutored several economics classes at both the undergraduate and graduate level including ECON 1, 2, 11, 41, 103/L, 144, 203A, and 203C. I have also provided feedback on material needed to apply for graduate school and PhD programs. I prefer to tutor on campus, in Westwood, or Brentwood. Contact me by email.1, 2, 11, 103/L, 203A
Christopher SurroI am a 3rd year graduate student interested in macroeconomics. I have been a TA for Econ 102 and Econ 1 and have tutoring experience in many other classes1, 11, 41, 101, 102, 103
Vitaly TitovMore than 5 years of teaching and tutoring economics, both at lower and upper division level. Focus on understanding the material over memorization of algorithms.1, 2, 101, 102, 103, 121, 170
Diana Maria Van Patten RiveraI have tutored students for 8 years, and I have extensive experience TAing and tutoring UCLA Econ classes, including Econ 1, 2, 11, 41, 101, 102, 121, 106F. I am available for tutoring both on weekdays and weekends. I prefer to meet on campus or in Westwood. I’ll be happy to help you and my email is, 2, 11, 41, 101, 102, 121, 106F
Yutong WangI’m an experienced tutor, and I tutor the following UCLA econ courses: 1 2 11 101.2, 11, 0101
Yilin WangI tutor high school math, statistics, linear algebra, Mandarin. As a PhD in economics, I also tutor undergraduate economics courses.Econ 1, 11, 41, 101
Ziqi ZangI have extensive experience in TAing and tutoring UCLA econ classes, including Econ 1, Econ 41, Econ 11, Econ 101 and Econ 103. I’m available for tutoring for 2016 fall. And I prefer to meet on campus or in Westwood. Please contact me via the email address.1, 41, 11, 101, 103
Mengbo ZhangI am experienced and patient. I tutor the following UCLA econ courses: 11, 41, 101, 102, 103. I prefer to meet on campus. If interested, please email me at, 41, 101, 102, 103
Wenyu ZhouI tutor all the undergraduate economics courses, lower level statistics and mathematics courses and GRE math. You can contact me via email: wenyuzhou@ucla.edu1, 101, 102, 103, 11, 41
Mengbo ZhangI am experienced and patient. I tutor the following UCLA econ courses: 11, 41, 101, 102, 103. I prefer to meet on campus. If interested, please email me at, 41, 101, 102, 103
Andrés SchneiderI am a Phd Candidate with extensive tutoring experience.1, 2, 11, 106F, 106V, 121, 122