Itai Tismansky

Professor Harry Simons Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship for the Study of Accounting Recipient

Biography: Itai Tismansky is a second-year student at UCLA majoring in Economics and minoring in Accounting. He finds the accounting classes to be some of the most practical and interesting classes he has taken at UCLA, and appreciates that he is learning skills that translate directly outside the classroom setting. He has avidly sought opportunities to apply these skills, including a wealth management internship and a research position in which he studies financial statements to collect data on CEO compensation and economic inequality. Outside of his classes, Itai is a Campus Tour Guide, where he is proud to promote higher education to high school students, and a member of the Student Alumni Association.

Future Plans: Itai is specifically interested in the intersection between business and law, and would like to keep exploring how businesses react to reforms and laws related to accounting and corporate governance. This summer, he plans to continue his role as a research assistant at UCLA.

What does the scholarship mean to me? Receiving the Professor Harry Simon’s Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship for the Study of Accounting is an honor, and I could not be more thankful. The support this scholarship provides allows me to focus on my education and eases the financial burden that comes with an undergraduate education. I appreciate this award immensely and would like to thank the donors for their generosity.