Hao Jin

Donald Lipshutz Scholarship Award Recipient

Biography: Born and raised in China, Hao is currently a fourth-year student at UCLA, double majoring in Business Economics and Data Theory. Hao took advantage of a wide range of courses and research projects to develop his quantitative skillsets. He leverages tools from linear algebra, optimization, probability and statistics to solve complex problems in finance and other quantitative fields. Hao also had experience in investment banking division where he gained asset valuation, market research, and analytical thinking skills. In his free time, Hao enjoys brewing coffee, reading, and playing the piano.

Future Plans: Fascinated by the fast-changing market and varied investment strategies, Hao saw the power of financial mathematics and statistical modeling. To further strengthen his quantitative skills, Hao will be joining either the Master in Finance program at Princeton University or a computational math program at Stanford University this summer. His career goal is to become a quant.

What does the scholarship mean to me? I am extremely honored to be selected as the Donald Lipshutz Scholarship award recipient for the 2021-2022 year. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Donald Lipshutz and Ms. Marugo for their generosity in supporting my study at UCLA. This scholarship will be of great help to me in defraying my educational expenses and, more importantly, recognize my effort and academic achievement at UCLA. I will honor this scholarship and show my appreciation to its donors through success in my education at UCLA and further graduate studies.