Newly Elected Economic Theory Fellows 2022: Simon Board and Andrew Atkeson

The Department of Economics congratulates Andrew Atkeson and Simon Board on being named Economic Theory Fellows by the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (SAET). SAET’s purpose is to advance knowledge in theoretical economics and to facilitate communication among researchers in economics, mathematics, game theory, or any other field which is potentially useful to economic theory. Economic Theory Fellows are selected for their scientific excellence, originality, and leadership, high ethical standards, and scholarly and creative achievement.  The research contributions of fellows may exist in many areas of theoretical economics, including pure and applied research, and government service. The primary qualification for fellowship is to have substantially advanced economic theory work.

Professor Atkeson is the Stanley M. Zimmerman Professor of Economics and Finance. His research spans a variety of topics in macroeconomics, including the sustainability of international debt, the design of monetary policy and the measurement of the firm solvency.

Professor Board is a microeconomic theorist who studies information economics, with applications to auction design, industrial organization, and labor economics. His recent research includes the spread of information on social networks, the design of dynamic pricing algorithms, and the role of reputation in incentivizing investment.