Michela Giorcelli Wins Excellence Awards

On September 4th, Michela Giorcelli was one of two young economists based in the United States to receive this year’s Excellence Awards in Global Economics Affairs from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. The other recipient, Javier Cravino, is a former UCLA Econonomics Phd Student who graduated in 2013.  The ceremony took place during the Kiel Lectures Day.

Professor Giorcelli received this award because of her contribution to the field of Economic History and Innovation. Her work uses historical policy events and unique historical data to look at the development and diffusion of management and technology innovations and their impact on firm productivity. In particular, she takes advantage of these unique data to convincingly identify and illustrate causes and effects of how innovations emerge, persist and is diffused across countries.


The Excellence Awards were created to promote young talent and are open to researchers and academics up to 35 years of age. Each laureate will be awarded a Research Fellowship at the Kiel Institute funded through separate scholarship programs. The aim of the Kiel Institute’s Excellence Awards in Global Economic Affairs is to build an international community of young economic researchers. The Excellence Awards have been presented annually since 2007.