New Department Leadership

On July 1st, Jinyong Hahn took over as Chair of the Department of Economics, taking over from Dora Costa. During her time as Chair, Dora introduced innovations to all aspects of the department. At the undergraduate level, the department obtained a STEM classification of the Economics major, reformed the undergraduate econometrics sequence, introduced new two-unit basic investment courses (Econ 3A, 3B, 4), created an online course for principles, and introduced a new GE course (Econ 5). At the masters level, the department strengthened the Masters of Quantitative Economics (MQE) program by increasing the range of classes and started the MQE Distinguished Speaker Series. In addition, Dora established the pre-collegiate summer institute and expanded our Board of Visitors. We are grateful for her leadership.

Jinyong Hahn arrived at UCLA as a Professor of economics at UCLA in 2002. He held previous appointments at the Universities of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Brown. He is a theoretical econometrician, and has been Co-Editor of Econometric Theory and Associate Editor of Econometrica and the Journal of Econometrics. He worked as the Undergraduate Vice Chair in the past.


There are many other changes to our leadership in the department for the upcoming academic year. We are excited to see new faces taking up new leadership roles, as well as having many faculty returning to the roles they have served before. Please see below for all the updates!


New Leadership Roles: 

Department Chair: Jinyong Hahn

Vice Chair for Personnel: Andres Santos

Webpage Coordinator: Maurizio Mazzocco


Leadership Roles Returning: 

Graduate Vice Chair: Ichiro Obara

Undergraduate Studies Vice Chair: Kathleen McGarry

Business Economics Director: Andy Atkeson

MQE Director: Aaron Tornell

Development Director: Lee Ohanian

1st Year Advisor: Ariel Burstein


New Committees and Leadership:

In addition, we are excited to announce the formation of a few new committees that will help enhance our program for all of our students:

Faculty Director of the Pre-collegiate Programs: Dora Costa

Chair of Alumni Outreach Committee: Dora Costa

Diversity Committee Chair: Rosa Matzkin

Diversity Committee Members: Martha Bailey & Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn