Annie Pollak

2020 Gumbiner Savett Endowed Undergraduate Prize Recipient

Biography: Annie Pollak is a third year at UCLA studying Business Economics with a minor in Public Affairs. She was born and raised in the East Bay Area with her parents and two brothers. Annie is passionate about the intersection of business and social impact. At UCLA, she is the President of Bruin Consulting, the Vice President of Finance for Alpha Phi, is currently researching feasible plastic alternatives for UCLA dining facilities to integrate through the Sustainability Action Research Program, and enjoys volunteering with Bruin Animal Rescue Coalition. She loves to travel, go thrift shopping, work with Fulcrum Adventures, and play card games with family in her free time.

Future Plans: Annie Plans to graduate in June of 2022. This summer, she will be working with PwC as a Management Consultant Intern in their San Francisco office. She is excited to apply her technical and communicative skills from UCLA in a professional setting working for various clients. She believes management consulting will give her a great foundation and knowledge in various industries to help determine what industry she would like a career in. In the long term, Annie hopes to combine her passion for social impact with her tenacious business skills by working in the public sector.

How this scholarship is helping you? This scholarship will allow me to put all of my attention towards school and extracurriculars while taking a financial burden off of myself and my family. Further, as a female striving to work, excel, and lead in an industry traditionally dominated by men, being the recipient of this scholarship is instrumental in finding and reaching my personal success and fulfillment. It makes me proud to know that others see potential to invest in me for the impact I will make in the future based on my achievements at UCLA so far!