Predicting and Preventing Homelessness Report

UCLA Department of Economics Professor Till von Wachter worked alongside the California Policy Lab and the University of Chicago Poverty Lab to publish a report on Predicting and Preventing Homelessness.  They used Los Angeles County data on multi-system service use to predict homelessness among single adults receiving mainstream County services.  By identifying people at high risk of first-time homelessness or returns to homelessness and understanding risk factors associated with future homelessness, the County can more effectively target its homelessness prevention efforts to ensure limited resources are going to those most likely to benefit from them.

Since being released on December 16th, 2019, the report has been referenced in many articles across the country.


Full Report: Predicting_and_Preventing_Homelessness_in_Los_Angeles

LA Action Plan: LA County Homeless Initiative Press Release about their new action plan