List of Tutors for Summer, 2017

The names listed on the Econ-Graduate-Tutors-Summer-C-2017  are the Ph.D. students in the UCLA Department of Economics who are willing to tutor UCLA undergraduate students.  Please be sure to review all pages of the 8-page document so that you can review each tutor’s statement.

The names are listed alphabetically.

Each tutor sets his or her own hourly rate for tutoring so there will be variation in the cost.

PLEASE NOTE:  A graduate student cannot tutor, nor can he/she serve as a grader, for any of the courses for which he/she is currently serving as a Teaching Assistant.

For additional tutoring resources on campus, including those for other disciplines, please check out the General Tutoring Resources Handout created by UCLA’s College Academic Counseling Office in the College of Letters & Science.